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Credit Crunch And Banking.

kim eccott By kim eccott on
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This is a very bad time for all parts of the world rightnow although i hear some places are getting back on track.

For a while now the economy has been quite down and its also affecting getting a job budgeting money and even to a point where some people including myself a while back was suffering with depression over the money problems we face recently,

The thing that doesnt help is the banks im not to sure if here in the united kingdom its different rules to ohter parts of the world but its so hard to even open a bank account here unless you work or have a very high benifets based income.

Also with the bank charges argument we had a few months ago was neither a good time or a great subject to throw up in the air with all the bad cresit and financal problems arising.

Basicly the banks were taking to court to maintain that they should be allowed to charge stupidly high interest charges and late payment fees for over drafts etc.

I found this very appaling as the banks are the only people earning so much and have yet to have the credit crunch affect them yet.

Since all the money problems we have faced here im more anxious over my spending and even which bank to use it doesnt really promote the banks very well as we are all struggling to decide where our money is safe or going to profit from.

Would be interested in any comments to this review and find out where else is facing these problems.

Im hoping that since christamas is over things will get back on track as all the shops must have earnt a few bob and not sure how long we can financily cope with credit promblems.