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Cruising A Vacation Deal For The Whole Family

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If you looking for a great way to travel that includes something for everyone, try cruising.

Cruising had been my favorite type of vacation for years. Cruises can be as short as a day or as long as a year but the averages are usually between 3 and 10 days. Cruise lines have added more and more ships in the last decade and now travel to more locations than ever before.Whether you want to visit a warm sunny spot like the Caribbean, chill on a glacier in Alaska or visit ancient cities in China, a cruise can take you there.

What I love about cruising is that for the most part, it is an all inclusive vacation. You pack once, board the ship and you are transported to severaldifferent places. When you arrive, you have the option then to get off the ship, explore that location for the day and then you are safely back on the ship and on your way to the next location to do it all over again. For those of us who like to get a taste of a place and not spend our entire vacation there, this is a great way to do it.

When you are on the ship, there are plenty of activities to keep every member of your family busy. Ships have kids clubs that cater to children from toddlers to teens. They have hours through out the day as well as paid babysitting services late at night so parents can spend somequality time alone while still being on vacation with their kids. These clubs keep the kids so busy, they will want to stay there as long as possible.

On a cruise ship, there is always something fun going on for all ages. Activities include games, shows, classes, seminars and on most ships a casino. In addition, there are cocktail parties where you can meet the staff, deck parties and midnight buffets and well as bars and clubs with dancing and music to keep you entertained all night long.

Then there is the food. It used to be that ships had one restaurant, a buffet and some extra places like a pizza parlor that was all free and included in your ticket. Today though that has change some and although there are still free food options available on all ships that I know of, there are now new exciting places to eat for free as well as some that are available for a nominal fee. Theseinclude 5 star speciality restaurants, sushi bars, ice cream parlors and coffee houses. What ever options you choose, some type of food is always available around the clock on a cruise ship and you are surely not going to go hungry.

To find the best deals on a cruise, look for smaller older ships, go in the off season and book either really early or at the last minute. Sure, some people only want to go on the new mega ships with all the bells and whistles which are beautiful and fun to look at but are they really worth the extra cost since most go to the same places and have many of the same activities? If you hit it just right, you can find 7 night cruises for as little as $400.00 per person. Considering that covers your room, your food and most of yourentertainment, that is a heck of a deal. To find the best rates shop around at not only the cruise lines web site but also on travel web sites like Travelocity and check daily as prices change often.

Be sure to keep in mind the few things that are not included in your cruise vacation and budget accordingly. These would include specialtyrestaurants you may want to try, shore excursions, gambling money and don't forget the tips. A majority of the staff on cruise ships works for their tips and most ships do not include that in the ticket price. They will however provide you the suggested amounts that you should leave these fine folks at the end of you vacation and be sure to give them at least that amount if not a little more.

Happy Cruising.