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Dad...Stop Texting Me

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Picking up my phone to answer the quick vibration that alerts me of a new text message. Wondering who could it be this time. I look at my phone and it says "Dad". My first thought was "Are you serious?" I open the message and end up having a full conversation with my Dad. As we are going back and forth with our latest life updates i'm wondering "Who taught Dad how to text?" Needing an answer I pressed the green button on my phone. Dad answers. Forgetting my manners I immediately start asking questions.

Dad laughed and stated that he would call me back.

Still disturbed a few hours later I call, not text, my sister to ask her since when does Dad text. Her response was "That's what I said...wait until he starts using abbreviations."

Now i'm disturbed. My family already has relationship issues and I don't want to us fall victim to modern technology. I decided to call some friends and ask them if their families use text messaging as their primary source of communications. Amazed to hear that out of 25 people 20 responded with a yes.

Call me old-fashioned if you like, but I don't think that texting should be a primary source for communication. I can understand the occasional quick question = quick answer text but to actually hold a conversation makes it impersonal. With so much going on in the World and seeing the need that people have for close relationships with their families this is a great disappointment for me.

As the opinionated Baby of our family I decided right then and there to not respond to text messages from my family. Feeling proud and ready to keep my family from become a texting family...There's that vibration again...It's Dad again. The message says "lol".

Not only has my Dad become a 60 plus year old text Messager, he doesn't know when it is proper to "lol".

A couple of years later, and I still don't know what that "lol" was for. During that time my Dad made it clear without saying it that he is not going to give up texting. He does call once a week to satisfy me. I have now given up on my quest to keep my family from becoming a texting family, and am thankful that we do communicate with each other.

A texting family isn't so bad after all.