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Decline In U.S. Education

Fifi Qwer By Fifi Qwer on
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There seems to be a steady decline in the quality of education many public and private schools are providing. The students, as a consequence, decline in product. The children are becoming less adept to the things that were considered important years ago. People in other countries are overwhelming our nation, by working harder and thinking bigger. Why is our once top-notch economy going down the drain? How can it be that America the beautiful and the free is once again losing in the great world race? The answer lies in our effort. Our effort and our children's efforts. We are simply not trying hard enough. Look at all our problems. They are caused by ourselves. We are really the ones to blame for our mess, so now we must try and fix it. Starting with our education system.

Unlike many other countries, our public schools force everyone to go to school. Some people just don't want to learn, a mindset they picked up from many of society's negative influences. Should we make them? Should we spend our precious, hard-earned dollars to support, the stupid and the lazy? Yes, there I said it. It is a fact, there are people in this world who are foolish beyond belief. Can we save them? Should we? That sounds a little bit harsh, but to move forth, we must make a decision. Also, the lack of communication and unity seems to be keeping the school faculty apart. There may not be much funding, but can we at least rely on some of the teachers to cooperate enough so that this generation is thoroughly educated? Many studies seem to find that those who are homeschooled do better than those who go to public schools! Imagine that 50 years ago. Almost impossible. But now, it is a sign that we need to take a more careful look at our education system if we are to compete with the rest of the world, namely China, Japan, North and South Korea, and many other high-tech, hard-working countries with solid systems. I feel l have a better chance telling people to go to private school, because of all the extra benefits it has. There seem to be many concerns from anxious parents, mostly about the issues of being independent, being new to the school, and the challenges their child will face.The independence issue will build character, the being a new student issue will build eventual confidence, and the challenging curriculum will build strength, mentally and physically. Look at us now. Look at them. There is a big difference. Time to step up and move in the right direction.