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Despicable Me: Not So Despicable After All

By Amanda Rinaldi on
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Despicable Me

When I arrived at the theaters and sat down, I was half expecting a really corny, "kiddy" movie with "Despicable Me". The earlier trailers for this movie really did not interest me in any way; but, since I was obligated to watch this movie for a project of mine, I decided to give it a shot.

I was pleasantly surprised. The animation in "Despicable Me" is trivial, yet its simplicity helps to convey a great number of essential facial expressions and body language. I was happy to observe lots of different emotions play on the faces of each character.

When the movie opens, the main character, named Gru, played by "The Office's" Steve Carell, is a professional villain who plans to steal the ultimate prize of villain-dom, the moon. His plans and his whole life are turned upside-down when three orphaned children are brought into his life.

I was happy to see multi-dimensional personalities in "Despicable Me", especially with the three children. Coming from an abusive orphanage run by an evil woman, I really came to sympathize with the orphans and really hate the woman. In addition, as the movie progresses, the audience is introduced to Gru's sad childhood, revealing a mother who never fully expressed appreciation or love for him. In many ways, these little stories greatly explain characteristic behaviors, a big plus for a movie story fan like myself.

Gru's change as a loving person was a slow, yet touching aspect of the movie. As he begins to regard the orphans as his own, he begins to fully appreciate himself as a person. I really warmed up to Gru and was almost in tears towards the end when his fatherly side fully is expressed. It is a definite cute, feel-good movie that veers far from despicability.

Don't expect hilarious knee-slapping comedy. It has a lot of what I like to call "cute comedy" which is the type that is safe for children and can bring out a few chuckles from adults. But all in all, I was satisfied and deeply moved by this movie, a feature that completely redeems the film for me!