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I've been a member of Deviantart for 6 years now and I love it. It's a large community of artists weather it be drawing, painting, photography or writing. You register (free or premium) and you post your art for others to see. You can get comments, chat, search for spacific art and even buy others prints.

People are very friendly or have been to me and I feel I can express myself artistically with no negative affects. There is an online store to buy clothing from the site as well and loads of other catagories than just those I mentioned above. There are skins for pretty much every computer app, tutorials, stock photos, and so much more. You can use other peoples art in your own but as long as you give credit to who you borrowed it from.

There is a forum for dissucsing different aspects of the site, random talks, help, movies, music and of course your own art. There is also a chat room to talk with other deviants and not just your friends on the messanger. You also have your own journal you can right whatever you want in or just keep everyone up to date on what you've been up to. You can make your own collection of others works and group your own into folders to make them easier to look at.

You can favorite others art as well and it keeps it in your own place. Kind of like a internet browsers favorites list and you can get to it anytime. It's just a really fun site and I love going and looking at others pieces of work. I like to post as much as I can of my own work to see how others like it and get tips on how to make things better.

So if you ever decide to visit I'm insane-cheshire-cat6 on deviantart.com