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Dextrose Tablets? Sugar Really.

Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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Dextrose tables contain Dextrose funnily enough. According to the many sources on the Internet, Dextrose is also known as corn sugar, and is a simple carbohydrate. It is 70 - 80% as sweet as sucrose (table sugar) and is absorbed and utilised quickly, providing a rapid source of energy. OK that was a bit boring. These tablets are mainly Dextrose, which is Glucose. OK, Glucose together with Fructose, are the two ingredients of Sucrose, the common name for the Sugar we all use in our hot beverages.

I used to take these tablets a few years ago, and I was sure they gave me all the energy I would ever need. Well possibly, however, nowadays, I am sure the same results can be gotten, from a nice cup of coffee, or a decent meal. even though the action of digestion uses up some of this sugar.

I have nothing against these tablets, I just want to state that these may not be needed if you have a well balanced diet. I actually enjoy them, which is a different thing completely. They taste nice, and are available in several flavours, including orange, blackcurrant, lemon, tropical, as well as what used to be called original. A few years ago, you could only get these in Orange, which seemed the perfect flavour. They are dry when you put them in your mouth, although not chalky. In my humble opinion these do not taste too sweet, although individual tastes vary.

The packaging is good, although being basically paper and foil based, it does have limitations, I am somewhat against foil, because it gets dumped in landfill sites, and takes many years to decay. I would have thought that in this day and age, a good marketing ploy would be to design a completely new "funky" packaging, which is truly green. After all, in the old days, sweets were served in a paper bag!

I also think there is a missed opportunity when it comes to the sales side of things, these should be aimed at young fitness fanatics, who should be "led to believe" that these little marvels were essential for getting fit, keeping fit, and staying fit.

I’m sure that for every tablet that is consumed, there is another one hiding in a handbag, drawer, or glove box. This is good, because it just goes to show that they are very good for "just keeping on standby". The theory is, if you need a sugar rush, or a sudden burst of energy then you could take a tablet, but don't overdo it.

Cost, -the price I paid, was just over 50pence a packet. I have no idea what the price was in the good old days, but I suppose it was about as cheap as it is now. These are available from a lot of places nowadays, supermarkets, corner shops, chemists, even Amazon, so there is no excuse why you can't find them.

Do I recommend these tablets? Yes of course I do, what is your opinion?