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Diagnose Vehicle By It's Spark Plugs Insulator Color

By icecendolz on
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Even small, spark plugs have a vital role for our vehicle. It's necesaary in the combustion process to generate power, whether it's motorcycle or car. Spark plugs are necessary components of a vehicle to start the engine. This component produces an electric spark to burn the air fuel mixture in the cylinder vehicles. Good spark plug able to work in high temperatures and pressures.

Due its direct relation to the engine, spark plugs can be used to search and diagnose for the cause of disturbances in the machine. Therefore, when cleaning the spark plugs, we can check whether the machine is still excellent condition or have worn, just by observing the head of the spark plug.

Spark plugs Insulator and electrode tip which colored light gray or reddish brown, indicating the engine setting condition and the ignition time in top forms, and still in accordance with the factories setting.

If spark plugs Insulator and electrode tip covered with black soot burned dry, you should quickly check the engine settings or injection, choke mechanisms, air filters. If necessary, replace the spark plugs. Disturbances to this component will cause the car exhaust fumes into the black, gasoline-intensive, and difficult start when the engine is cold.

When Insulator tip looks a little yellow-brown, sometimes green appear slightly damp showed gasoline and other oil contaminated materials such as water, or unsuitable additives usage. This condition can cause the engine faltered and slow to accelerate, especially when the vehicle fully loaded. In addition also resulted in bias explosive exhaust because the fuel is not burned out perfectly (misfiring).

So, do not ever forget to take care of the spark plug on your vehicle. Some expert mechanical recommend to clear the spark plug after the car went about 2, 000 miles, and was replaced after about 7000 miles to 1000 miles.