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Disinfect Your Home Without Creating Super Bugs!

Christina Morris By Christina Morris on
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Common household vinegar

Have you heard about all the super bacteria and viruses that are in the news? Do you worry about E coli on your kitchen counter or cutting board? How do you think that happens? We humans are creating them. We have come so far from the natural wild life that should be ours.

What many people do not know is you do not have to buy expensive disinfectants and cleaners to kill germs in your home! You could be risking health problems or, making a health problem worse by constantly exposing yourself, your children and pets to harmful cleaning supplies. And let's not forget the environment. Especially here in the U.S. most people don't even consider how many manmade chemicals they use each and everyday. When they wake up in the morning people expose themselves to toothpaste, they shower with chlorine filled water and wash with soaps that contain strong perfumes and who knows what else. Did you know your shampoo as well a many other personal care products, have propylene glycol? That is an ingredient to keep it from freezing. Think about that. Antifreeze is in your shampoo! There are literally hundreds of chemicals in things we buy and use everyday that Companies are not required to list on the containers.

Sometimes the simplest solution works the best. Just get a simple bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide and a bottle of vinegar. Any kind will do. Now get two empty spray bottles. Fill one with vinegar and the other with peroxide. You might find it easier to tell them apart if the bottles are two different colors. Now go to town. Spray one then the other solution on whatever you are trying to clean. Let it sit for a minute or two then wipe dry. If you are extra worried, say after cutting raw meat, leave the solution on for about 5 minutes. Presto germs are gone! What items can you clean this way? Endless. Anything that can be cleaned with water you can use this method. Spray it on your counters, your cutting boards, your sink, your tables, or even the bathroom tile. Don't worry about the smell of the vinegar. It will not harm you. I have never heard of anyone being allergic to the smell of vinegar and the smell evaporates quickly.

There you go! One simple tip to disinfect your home, protect your loved ones and the environment and save a substantial amount of moolah!