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Does It Get More Absurd Than This?

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I have sometimes wondered at the stupidity of some individuals and take pride in being wise and sane. My pride however is always short lived. The next moment, I find myself doing something equally stupid! I can really give people a hard time in understanding my actions. And there are those times my brain goes numb, so much so that I find myself all confused.

However, I will not dwell upon my stupidity today. Instead, I will share something that helps me increase my self esteem in a different way.

I have been working in a hospital for quite some time now, and as a matter of keen personal interest, attempt to analyze with the patients' psyche, who come to meet my boss. Peeking inside their minds seems to come quite spontaneously.

It was busier than usual that day at the hospital. I profiled one of the patients who got my attention, as he sat impatiently fidgeting in the corridor. He was in his mid thirties and had come to seek an expert opinion from my boss, a renowned cardiologist in the country. I had never in my wildest dream expected 'this patient', the day’s protagonist, would leave an indelible impression on me with his stupefying logic.

He whined as he waited for his turn to come to see my boss. I tried to help him by lending an ear, which he did not appreciate. He kept complaining of aches and pains and wanted to see the doctor immediately. On noticing this, my boss asked him to come into his office and lie down. The patient lay down and was examined. As everything seemed normal, my boss advised him to get some relevant blood tests done. These results of these tests too were fine and very normal.

Then came the blow!

He brought our attention to an ECG strip of his in possession, which was taken a few days back To our utter amazement the patient asked blatantly, 'Will my blood reports do for my mother just as the ECG did?'

My boss and I were stunned, too numb with the absurdity of the question to answer.

The patient was talking about his mother all through and got himself examined!

Can you beat it?

Let alone the ECG and the blood tests, how on earth could he think that his BP and vital parameters would be the same as his mother's!