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Does Not Contain Elephant Dung Amarula Fruit Cream Liqueur

Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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Amarula anyone?

I received a bottle of Plonk at Christmas, and assumed it was some of the usual "All the way from Wherever you want" type drinks, you know the sort I mean. I expected it to contain a few percent alcohol, and have a mildly pleasant taste. I thought it would be full of artificial flavourings and colourings. I admit now, I was wrong.

The looks of the bottle says it all, Hmmm, very nice, a brown glass bottle with a gold top. A gold sleeve around the neck, and hanging below this, a Gold piece of rope. Also onn the neck, is moulded a leaf pattern, there are also leaves on the rest of the bottle too.

The label looks nice, a crest or coat of arms, the word Amarula in Gold again, plus all the info you need. There is another label on the back, unfortunately there is a Barcode on it, this is a great shame, because it looks so out of place. You just expect this bottle to be on the table, being drunk by Indiana Jones, or in a scene from Casablanca!

OK, on to the review of the contents. There are 70cl of a cream liquid, which contains some 17% alcohol by volume, and although this is not a great amount, it is enough to give the drink that nice afterglow. The Amarula, is a Marula Fruit Cream, and is of course made from fresh cream, plus the fruit from the Marula Tree. These are apparently found in South Africa, where the drink is made. There is an Elephant picture on the label, because the Elephant Tree, because the Elephants like the fruit it bears. There is no E;ephant Dung or strange ingredients, just lovely Cream and alcohol.

The drink is much the same as Bailey's Irish Cream, and goes down just as smoothly. I can just imagine lying in the bath, with a nice glass of this, before going to bed and snuggling up to someone special.

The drink can be poured over ice, and I suppose you could even mix it with other drinks, but I fear that would be a great shame. The lovely warm feeling you get from this, is similar to how you feel when someone close sends you a special message.

Go on, you know you want it., I know I certainly do!