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Does Your Career Matter To A Man

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Does your career matter to a man? It has always been that the man would pick up the tab but not in the case of this century. It’s more like the man is waiting for the ladies to pick up the tab. It’s embarrassing for us ladies but we still hope that mothers are teaching their son that the man should always treat a lady like she’s a lady. If a man asks me to pick up the tab, he will never get a second date. There are plenty of men out there who would treat me like a lady so why should I have to deal with it. If a man can’t be a man then he needs to learn how to be one. I’m sure a lot of women out there would not date a man who makes them pay all the time.

Back to the question whether your career matters to a man, it sure does to some men but not all men are affected by it. If a man is highly successful and he has everything than he might not care but if he doesn’t have a career at all then it might matter to him. All men are different on their views about their ladies’ career. Some men would not even date you if you lack employment but some men would help you find a job. It will depend on the type of men that you’re with. All cultures are different too. Americans men split the tab with their date but Asian men are known to pick up all the tab. It’s different with all different types of men.

However, it never hurts if a woman has a good career. Men always love a woman who can take care of themselves and even help the men out too. If you have an excellent career, men will not complain and I don’t think anyone would complain if you’re a lawyer or if you’re a doctor. It’s definitely is a plus. Career can be a factor in dating but it might not break up a relationship because there has been time when my dates didn’t have a career and I still dated them and there have been time when I didn’t have a job and my date still date me. It’s a bonus in your relationship if you have a career but a man can go with a different woman if she seems to have a career and everything together.