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Donate Your Car To Purple Heart

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As you may recall, I have a review about my old Subaru Legacy. The car has been sitting for quite some time because we did not want to throw any more money at it. The body and interior were still in remarkable shape for its age. Therefore, I decided to donate the car to someone who could fix it up or use it for parts.

I looked through our local paper and found many ads for different services, either vehicle donation or "we'll buy your old car, running or not." However, I wanted to ensure someone would get this car and be able to get something out of it. I wanted it to go to a cause of some sort.

Last week in the mail, there was a Val Pack envelope with a variety of ads in it. I always look through the ads because there are coupon deals for local establishments. This time there was an ad that read, "Help Our Veterans, Donate Your Car, Purple Heart." The ad listed a website so I decided to check it out.

The donation process was easy enough to understand. You can either donate online or call the Purple Heart vehicle donation service center. I thought about it for a day or two and decided this was the way to go about making my donation. I come from a military family, as does my husband. I know there are many Veterans who are struggling and could really use the old Subaru. I also know the military could possibly have the mechanical expertise or resources to get the car back on the road without much expense.

I filled out the donation form online. The fields include your name, location, vehicle identification number, vehicle information including what is wrong with it and the condition, and if you have a clear title. I submitted my information and within the hour I received a phone call. I was amazed about how fast they called. They went over what I needed to do to prepare the car for pick up, which is free. I had to remove personal belongings and the license plates. The signed title and keys were to be left in the glove box should I not be available for pick up.

The next morning I got a call from the towing company scheduled to pick up the car. They were very nice and asked if the car was ready. They told me a tow truck would be around to pick it up between 5pm and 8pm. The driver show up as stated and hauled the car away. The entire vehicle donation process was said and done within 24 hours.

Once the car is picked up, the title is transferred and the transaction is considered complete Purple Heart sends you a form for a charitable tax deduction.

Pertinent Information:

Congress charters the organization.

Purple Heart will take vehicles running or not.

They also take recreational vehicles, boats, and motorcycles.

Whatever vehicle you donate must have a clear title.

I feel good knowing the car may be able to help someone in need. I am also relieved to have the space it was taking up in the driveway cleared. Most of all, I am happy we do not have to spend any more money on that car.

For anyone interested in more information, the website is PurpleHeartCars.org