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Dont Get Stuck Paying The Middleman

dedee By dedee on
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I believe the middleman is a "SCAMMER"

The middleman is hiding behind every closed door. What I mean by this is, they knock on your door and you open it. You see a person with a huge warm welcoming smile. They act like they are there to make your day!

Example of the middle man: Hydro. There are many new Hydro Companies who will buy large quantities of hydro from your local company. They tell you that they buy in large quantities because when they do this they get the hydro for a cheap price. Then they proceed to get excited for you. because this can help your wallet. They say that they get it so cheap that they can offer it to you for a cheaper kilowatt rate than your local company is offering you. Wow! This sounds great! A cheaper cost per kilowatt? The man is so excited and so cheerful, and offering you this great deal. You now feel that you are on cloud nine. They tell you they can lock you cheaper rate in for five years. But then you think. What's the catch. Then the middleman proceeds with a cheerful glow and says" There is no catch, this is a great offer. My whole family is on this plan, even my aunt who lives four blocks from where you live! You can also cancel within fifteen days from today with no obligation." Now that you have that security in being able to cancel, you think this is a great day!. Well I am here to tell you. You are being SCAMMED in a sense. let me tell you how. The catch is, What this bubbly middleman doesn't tell you is that yes they do lock you in for five years at a cheaper kilowatt rate. But what they don't tell you is when you see your new billing on your hydro bill, you will see that you have been charged for the hydro costs of the delivery to the middleman and charged again for the hydro costs of the delivery from the middleman to you. were as if you look at you hydro bill from your local company, you will see that you only pay once for hydro costs of the delivery. From them to you. That's it. Now there is your true savings. So know you think to yourself Ahhhh I already signed up and I am passed my fifteen day of the cancellation date. What now? Well there may be away to get out of the plan. Apparently if you are on any kind of assistance you can get out of it. as assistance may not agree to paying a middleman company. The other way that I know of is the agreement can be changed if you no longer need hydro. (if you move to a place with hydro included) so you can switch the hydro into your spouses name, as long as you both didn't sign the agreement. If you both did sign you are now locked in for the term agreement that you signed for. This doesn't just happen for hydro but gas middleman companies are also behind that closed door. My advice keep it closed.