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Dont Let Your Online Work Got Distracted By Headache

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Ever had a headache when browsing online, or when in front of the computer monitor or laptop for too long? That's normal. People are likely to have this headache (or migraine in some cases) when they are lacking oxygen in their brain. I'm not an expert in this field, actually, and can't prove it scientifically myself (though I'm sure some experts have conducted some experiments on this field, scientifically speaking lol). I start to have this headache just lately, at those times when I'm addicted to online shopping and online writing (one of them is of course, addicted to writing on SR.. lol..). I used to have migraines, and I know exactly how it feels. This headache comes to me over and over, and yeah, it's pretty much killing me. My hubby told me to arrange my time (between online working, eating, doing household chores and sleeping). He always reminds me to have enough sleep, at least 7 hours a day (like we all know).

You may want to try my tips for relieving this headache:

1. Make sure you get enough sleep (7-8 hours a day) and a little sport activity would do (mild yoga or pilates).

2. Consume vitamins/supplements. These vitamins and supplements would help prevent having these headaches.

3. Massage your head and neck gently, 5-10 mins would be enough (you can get help from your spouse ~ this way it could ease your tension and/or adding a more valuable relation with your spouse :p)

4. Soak your feet with warm water, around 15 mins. This way it could help your blood circulation better.

5. If you think your headache got more severe and you want to take some meds, always choose the 'light' meds (meds that don't cure your pain instantly ~ don't let yourself got addicted to this 'heavy' meds). Or perhaps you may want to take alternative meds instead. I myself always prefer alternative meds than those available chemical/prescribed meds.

I conduct those five things above, and thank God, headache is no longer a big problem for me now. Working online should be a great fun, so don't let headache rule over you... :) Hope my tips would help you :)