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Dr. House

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House is a weekly drama series about mysterious diseases that are presented to the hospital where Dr. Gregory House and his team work. House is an unconventional doctor (to say the least!) who, because of a leg problem, is in constant severe pain, which explains his cranky demeanor and addiction to pain medications. These defects, however, are overlooked because he is near genius as a diagnostician.

Every week a new patient with a new mysterious ailment is featured. House and his team brainstorm to find possible causes and try various cures to cure those causes. Often, it is trial and error - sometimes at great risk to the patient- that eventually leads them to discover the real cause and then a cure.

The series is in its sixth season and has won many awards and honors, including three emmy awards. Hugh Laurie, the actor who plays Dr. House, has won two Golden Globe awards and two Screen Actor Guild awards for his work in House. The series has also been honored with NAACP awards, including Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series for Omar Epps who plays one of Dr. House's team members.

The acting is very good and the writers just keep on cranking out really great work week after week.

I'm not sure what it is about the character of Dr. House that makes you just love him, even though he is a total jerk. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that he is always totally honest, and maybe we all wish we had that kind of nerve. He always ends up showing a bit of vulnerability, though, and, of course, he is always the hero that discovers the cause of someone's fatal illness so that there is usually a happy ending.

All in all, the show is very satisfying and is appealing to men and women alike. This makes it a great pick for husbands and wives, or boyfriends and girlfriends to watch together, which may be part of the reason for its popularity.

Seasons one through five of House are available on DVD and make a fabulous collection.