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Dreaming Of A Sony Bravia

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I am not one who is into watching TV. If the TV is on, then fine, I will watch. But if not, I could not seem to get it to my consciousness to turn it on. If I were the only one living in the house and there is a television set there, it would sit there for probably months without getting switched on.

But one time, my husband and I were going around the mall and we happened to pass by the appliance store. On its display windows are different kinds of TV sets. I know that there had been television units being displayed there before, but it was only that time that my attention was caught.

What got my eye? It was an array of Sony Bravia LCD television sets. I took a second look and stopped in wide-eyed wonder. It was the first time that I expressed a desire to buy a TV. I told my husband, wow, if we can afford this one, this would be my dream TV. But it was way too expensive for us at around $3, 000! That is the price of a second hand car in good condition.

And even if we can afford it at this moment, we have nowhere to put it. We live in a single bedroom along with our baby. It is not a big room so we could not possibly squeeze in a big TV set there.

But what I like about the Sony Bravia is the picture quality. The colors are vivid and vibrant, the picture is like fluid moving across the screen. It is very relaxing to watch a movie there. We stayed for about 15 minutes appreciating the tube and the movie being shown and I did not experience eye strain, like I usually do.

Maybe someday, we can own this, when we already have our own house and can afford luxuries such as these.