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Duct Tape As A Parenting Tool

Tanya Pecora By Tanya Pecora on
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When I was pregnant, I read every pregnancy book out there. I learned about breastfeeding, and carseats, soothers and thermometers. I thought I was prepeared... HA

Kids are inventinve. When my son was about 2, he stopped napping. I clung to the idea of a quite hour or two in the afternoon, so everyday around 1:30 I'd take him up to his room for "quiet time" in the hopes he would nap. Sometimes he did, more often than not, he didn't. He quickly learned though, that if he didn't want to sleep, he was to play quietly, or risk being put in the crib. One afternoon when I went to retrieve him after his quiet time the smell that greeted me was vile. He was playing quietly on the floor, seemingly unbothered by the stench. When he heard me come in, he turned and smiled, then pointed to a suspicious brown streak on the carpet and stated calmly "Poo on floor, Mom!" and resumed playing as though it was the most normal thing in the world. I cautiously entered the room and checked his pants...no diaper and no poop. I looked around his room and was disgusted to find a dirty diaper entangled in his sheets and his dirty pants draped over the headboard. As far as I can tell, after he dirtied his diaper, he took it off, wiped his poopy bum on the carpet and then put on clean pants. How he managed to open that dresser drawer is beyond me. After scrubbing the carpet and disposing of the diaper, I googled how to keep a diaper on a toddler. It was then I learned that duct tape is your friend. After you put the diaper on, wrap one or two layers of duct tape firmly around the waist. Even a determined toddler will have a hard time removing a diaper that has been duct taped on in this manner!