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Eagle Or Prairie Chicken?

bjcyrix By bjcyrix on
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The story kind of reminded me of the Ugly Duckling. Fortunately for the Ugly Duckling, when he grew up as a swan, he saw the beauty that is in him. Unlike the eagle who until death thought of himself as a prairie chicken.

I think that most of the people in this world live and die as the eagle did. We always look at what others have and what others are. We always covet and envy those people who know in a sense that they are eagles, king of the birds. We never realize that we ourselves are eagles. We just continue to look up to the high-soaring magnificent self-made kings.

This mentality is further encouraged by what others think of us. We succumb to the degrading comments of others that we are even less than the prairie chickens. We always look up and around us that we fail to look inside of us. We don’t need to covet or envy we just have to explore and discover ourselves. Thus, we never see the beauty that is us. We never see the unlimited potentials that each and every one of us has deep in our hearts. Others cannot see what we truly are and sometimes they themselves cannot see what they truly are, so in wanting more from themselves and others, they just bring down anyone and everyone they can who listens to the self-pity thinking that the self-pity of others is their own.

We just have to look within and search for our true and real self. The person that God has created us into. The person that God wants us to be. He has given us our lives equipped with our own unique talents to discover, use and share with the world. To help each other and be examples for those people who have not yet realized and found the “Eagle” that is in them.