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Easy Poncho To Crochet With Puff Stitch Rows

Joan Young By Joan Young on
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This poncho uses rows of three kinds of stitches, and can be made in any combination of colors desired. You can even use different weights of yarn in the puff stitch. This makes it a good project to use up partial skeins of leftover yarn. Since ponchos don’t require much precision as to sizing, it’s a very forgiving project.

I have made two of these, in two different sizes. The recipients are to be two girls. The larger poncho could be worn by a small adult (it is a good size for me, but should work fine for a girl who is rapidly growing tall). You can easily make any size you need, but I did learn that the finished ponchos seem quite a lot larger than you might expect from the two individual rectangles that make up each poncho.

In general, you will follow this sequence of rows: [ single crochet (white), puff stitch (color), single crochet (white), half-double crochet (color) ], repeat until desired width is reached, then end with two rows single crochet (white).

I used an N (9mm) Boye crochet hook, which is fairly large, and made this poncho work up quickly. I also alternated the plain colored rows, and the rows of puff stitch, so that each poncho had four different colors, one of which was an ombre (variegated). You can use any colors you want, but for the pink-shades poncho I used Red Heart Sweet Baby Dream Girl, Red Heart Shimmer Hot Pink, and Bernat Super Value in Sky and Mint. The white is Bernat Super Value White. For the green-shades poncho I used Bernat Softee Baby Yarn Summer Ombre, Red Heart Shimmer Lime, Bernat Softee Baby Yarn Pink (used double) and Bernat Super Value Yellow.

General directions for puff stitch:

* yarn over, insert hook as if to sc and pull up a loop *, repeat until desired puffiness is obtained, usually 4 times, yarn over and draw loop through all loops on hook. Ch 1 to hold. (See video)

Materials per poncho:

white worsted weight yarn - 4 oz. (5 oz)

color worsted weight yarn for hdc rows - 4 oz total (5 oz)

color yarn for puff stitch rows - about 4 oz total, but this depends on what weight you use (5 oz)


The smaller poncho measures 45 inches square. The larger poncho is 50 inches square. This doesn’t sound like much, but there is a big difference in the overall size of the two. You can easily make this smaller or larger with fewer or more stitches and rows.

With white, chain 72 (84) stitches. Turn.

Row 1 - sc in 4th chain from hook, sc across but do not pull up final loop with white. Attach color for first row of puff stitch and do final loop of sc with the colored yarn. Use this method of changing colors at the end of each row. Ch 4, turn.

Row 2 - puff stitch in the first sc. (The number of loops you use for the puff stitch should be determined by the thickness of the yarn you use, and the desired amount of puffiness. I used 4 loops for the Shimmer and Sweet Baby yarns, but needed 5 loops of the Softee to match the puff. ) Ch 1 to make spacer, skip one sc and do puff stitch in next sc. Repeat across (doing puff stitch in every other sc). Double crochet in last sc. There will not be a sc between the last puff and that final sc. Change back to white before the final half of that last dc. Chain 1, turn. (34, or 41, puffs with a bar at each end)

Row 3 - sc across. Change to color for flat row before pulling through the last loop of the last stitch. Chain 3, turn.

Row 4 - hdc across. Change to white before pulling through the loop in the last hdc. Chain 1, turn

Row 5 - sc across. Change color as at end of row 1.

For smaller poncho use rows 1, (2, 3, 4, 5) six times, 2, 3.

For larger poncho use rows 1, (2, 3, 4, 5) seven times, 2, 3.

Final row - continuing with white, ch 1, turn, sc across, fasten off.

Hint: Count the puffs each time you do row 2, to be sure you have the same number in each one.


The nastiest part of this project is fastening in all the ends where you changed colors. Weave them in carefully so they won’t show.

Then lay one of the short ends along the long edge of the other rectangle. Get a “feel” for how the two rectangles go together. The outer corner will be a lower point of the poncho, and the inner corner will be a V of the neck opening. Be sure that you have the final row of crochet toward the neck edge, and that you have right sides together. You can choose whichever side will be the “right side, ” but the two sides do look different, so look at them carefully.

Using white, sew the edges together. Pay attention to keep the edges from stretching or buckling, and that they are lined up evenly.

After sewing the first half, sew the other end and edge together (see diagram).


Attach white anywhere on outer edge and sc around, taking 3 stitches to turn the point. Where you can match stitch for stitch this trim row is easy, but you need to be careful going along the short edge of the rectangles to make just enough stitches to allow it to lay flat. Join with a sl st and fasten off. Weave in ends.

Attach white at shoulder on inner edge and sc around, decreasing at V by pulling up a loop in each side of the V, yarn over, and pull through all 3 loops on hook. Join with a sl st and fasten off. Weave in ends.

Use a double strand of any color yarn you want to emphasize and make a chain of 4 to 5 feet in length for the tie. Finger weave it through the neck edge and tie in front.