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Ebooks Review

Denise Wy By Denise Wy on
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I love reading and it will always be a part of me that will never change nor disappear. I have a wild imaginable and reading gives me a great deal of satisfaction. I am a certified and proud bookworm! I love to feel the smooth pages of the book, it's smell and the sound it makes when you close it. Obssesed? I don't think so. Some of my friends tell me that books ate boring and an awful waste of time. Which makes me mad. Real mad.

With the advent of modern technology, books as another form as pasttime is long gone. People nowadays enjoy surfing the Internet, with this, ebook was born. I have no objections about it because I really do love reading but others hate it. For me, the essence of reading is still there. What's good about it is that you can bring it anywhere because you can save it on your phone or PDA. And it is also much cheaper than a physical book. No so set more and more ebook online stores ate emerging from the Internet. Some of them are Amazon, Smashwords and Lulu, I find it great because techie people can also enjoy reading their fave books with their gadgets. Many classical books are now being formatted as ebooks! I have some of my favorite classics such as; Wuthering heights, The count of Monte Cristo and Sherlocke Holmes saved in my Ipod touch. I myself even write my books in ebook format because it's easier to self publish and distribute!

Ofcourse, I still prefer reading physical books because I can touch the paper in my hands and there is something magical with it. But we can't ignore our fast changing world. Even we like it or not, ebooks are here to stay. What is important is that we must spread the joy of reading especially to the younger generation.