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Embarassing Moments

Tanya Pecora By Tanya Pecora on
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I don't think anything can prepeare a prospective parent for the onslaught of embarassing moments their future children are going to throw at them. I know I had NOOO idea!

A few Months ago night at Karate, Little Bug was whining that he was hungry and I was ignoring him (he hadn't eaten his dinner). After about a half an hour he starts trying to undo the zipper on my jeans. I swatted his hand away and told him to "get out of there". His response, "But Moooom, I'm huuungry!" SERIOUSLY KID?! What do you think you're going to find in there! The moment was made even more embarrassing as that was when Sensei chose to walk into the room. Nice. Now all the parents are looking at me sideways wondering what we are exposing our kids to. Sigh.

Another time, he decided to approach a 13 year old student (who is very shy) and ask him about his um, "parts". He marched right up to the poor kid and said "you got a gagina in your pants?" When the poor kid muttered "no" Bug was totally undeterred, he simply cocked his head to the side asked "oh, you got a penis then?" I was mortified, and at a loss for words!The other mothers were no help at all, they all crammed into the corner of the viewing area and tried rather unsuccessfully to stifle their laughter.

DD, wasn't any better, we were out at a busy restaurant when she was about 4. Did I mention it was busy? Anyway, she leans across the table and says very quietly "guess what Daddy?" Dh leans is, ready to be let in on her little secret and whispers "what?" Well, Little Miss sits up and states VERY LOUDLY "My vagina is very dry today!" My husband was mortified! He looks at me and growls, you had to teach her the proper words, didn't you. The people at the surrounding tables all had a good laugh.