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Evil Lurks In Dark Places

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Evil lurks in dark places. It has been this way since Adam and Eve indulged in the forbidden fruit. The very nature of evil requires that it hide in dark places, lurking in the shadows while seeking its next victim. Evil is most effective when the victim is unaware of the perpetrator.

Gossip is whispered behind the backs of those that are being talked about. The laughter and cruel remarks roll so easily off the lips of the gossip as long as the gossip feels his or her identity will not reach the targeted victim.

Evil doers are easily identified when their true intentions are exposed to the light. When their intentions are exposed to the light they are recognized by how they think and what they do. Evil needs dark places to hide its true intentions. Evil can only be seen by everyone after it has been exposed to the light.

Criticism comes easy when there are no perceived consequences. How can criticism be classified as constructive when the identity of the person that criticizes remains unknown to the person that is being criticized? While acts of kindness can inspire someone to achieve beyond their dreams, a single word can destroy someone’s confidence. Just because criticism is whispered in the shadows does not guarantee that it will remain there.

We claim to live in an advanced society and yet we can reach out from the comfort of our homes and criticize others without revealing who we really are. We extend open invitations of friendship while conveying anonymous opinions of criticism. We do not have to worry about the pain that is inflicted on others as long as they do not know our identity. Our eyes are focused on the reward and not the consequences.

The desire for each generation is to leave a better world for the next generation and yet our society is going in the opposite direction. Newer technology does not create a better world. Newer technology creates newer ways to be critical to others. Their power to criticize, especially when performed anonymously, provides a feeling of superiority over another.

Evil seeks to devour. It is a two edged sword. Often the person that is the kindest to our face is the most critical behind our backs. We think of evil as being ugly. Evil can be disguised as something beautiful. The devil was once an angel. It was not the devil’s ugly appearance that got him booted from heaven. The temptations seem so inviting. The sharp jaws of consequences are revealed only after the snare has trapped its victim. Once an unkind word is spoken it is too late to get it back.

We sit in judgment, looking negatively at the faults of others without noticing the faults of the person in the mirror. Somehow we seem to reserve our harshest criticisms for the innocent. To be created different is an open invitation for cruelty. We are all imperfect, all except one. Judgment is reserved for God. How we judge others is how we shall be judged. Our thoughts and our actions committed in secret will reveal our character when brought to the light of day.

Therefore, be kind in all manner of conversations. Do not hide in the shadows whispering cruel criticisms. Come stand in the light if the intention is to provide constructive criticism. Let honesty be known while ignorance remains silent. Somehow our society has gotten this turned around. We boast of our kind acts while secretly criticizing others of their shortcomings. To criticize others in secret is a personal choice. Let us bring our words that are spoken in the shadows out into the open so that the healing process can begin.