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Exclusively Schooling Female

By ladychai on
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I was always noted to be the "one of the boys" kind of girl but when I turned highschool everything changed.A month before graduating primary school, my mom had me take series of entrance exams for well known Universities here in Cebu, Philippines. But I was not really serious in taking the exams and I wanted to study in a known public school for average students. I remember taking an exam in a Science High School and failed because my cousin and I arrived late and the examinees were halfway through with the test. Instead of answering the questions I kept on doodling on my scratch sheet. After the exam, my seatmate compared her scratch sheet with mine and was amazed on how disorganized my formulas are whilst her scratch sheet were as neat as the exam sheet itself.

My mom also enlisted me in a famous public University for the exceptionally talented people, my cousin already took the exam before and she failed. I was not planning on taking the exam thinking that since my cousin, who happens to be the studious one between the two us, did not make it so chances are I will just be wasting my time taking the exam. When we arrived at the school they were no longer accepting applicants and boy, was I relieved.

My mom then had me take an exam in schools for the privileged few. The first school was supposedly administered by nuns so it is pretty much conservative. The second was a well known University. I was not very serious with my exams but to my astonishment I aced both exams and advanced to the next phase which is the interview. The first interview I had was scheduled by the second school and my sweats were dropping like rain that day. I did not know what to expect so I was not answering the questions correctly. When I had my interview with the first school, I was relaxed and confident. I was even smiling at the nun who interviewed me.

When the results came, I was more surprised when I was still able to pass both schools. I was expecting to fail for the second school and pass the first one. My mom then asked me which school I preferred. I really did not know how to answer her as I have no idea which school will be good for me. Instead of answering her question properly, I answered her with another question, "Which one is cheaper?" She answered the second school. So the second school it is. When I asked her about the differences between the two schools except for the tuition fee, she answered "Apart from the uniform" there is actually none since both school are secular school, meaning run by religious affiliations, and both are exclusive schools."

"Exclusive School?" What is an exclusive school? I learned that all my classmates are girls. It came like a drop jaw expression to me. Like something was written on my forehead and said "Oh-oh"

And so I spent my entire four years as one of the girls. Education is not really the problem with being schooled exclusively, there were advantages and disadvantages being schooled in an exclusive school. Let me enumerate:


1. You do not have to care whether you are pretty enough, intelligent enough because you won't have to impress some cute male classmate.

2. You will not have to care how you sit in the classroom, except when scolded by the teacher for not sitting like a lady, because no one will peep under your skirt and try to divulge to everyone what color your panty is.

3. You can gossip all you want about girl stuff and you won't have to be ashamed about it since you won't have someone you'll be conscious with around, especially if the person is your crush.

4. You get to compete intellectually with fellow ladies and it is easier to do so since most of the time you are on the same level with them.

5. You'll learn more about being a woman and how you should behave as one.

6. You'll be updated with the latest fashion trends because one way or the other someone from your classroom will try to influence you on what clothes you will wear.

7. When you have problems, all your friends in school will easily understand you because they too experienced it at one point.

8. Whenever some neighbor would know that you are studying in an exclusive school, they always have a high respect for you. It is psychological I guess. But somehow most people I met, if they would know that I am studying in an exclusive school they would usually be in awe.


1. You won't have any idea how the male specie acts around with females.

2. Lack of interaction with the opposite sex leads to temporary to permanent lesbianism. I am not saying it is bad since it is a choice, but somehow, you get confused with your own gender because you spend most of your time at school and you face fellow females so Man-Woman interaction is under developed.

3. Whenever there are boys with the school premises, for sure you will her girls whistling to the boys. It is like you would become ignorant with their existence.

4. More often than not, you will be left wondering what it is like to be around boys. And since most of the students studying in an exclusive school do not go out of the house that often, this would become habitual.

Lucky for me, most of my cousins are boys and they have friends, male friends, so it is easier to adjust. But for some girls...