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Eyeware Beware

mary60 By mary60 on
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As with alot of us, young or old, we have to have eyeglasses or contacts. We are usually in need of an eye exam every two years, or our insurance only pays every two years. We have been to different places in our area to purchase the glasses, one of which is Lenscrafters. Yes, they can usually do them in an hour or they have to send out to be made. Over the past few years we have found that they are not putting out as good a product, as in the past.. We purchased a pair of frames and lens just a year an a month ago, to find the lens are separating. Going to visit Lenscrafters with the problem, they said the were only warranteed for a year, so they weren't going to do anything about the problem.Lens shouldn't separate, no matter how long you have them . They do offer coupons that helps with the cost, but if the product doesn't hold-up the money doesn't matter. Beware of Lenscrafters and their promise of quick, inexpensive glasses. I left there very unhappy, to say the least!!

Today went back to the eye doctor, for a new prescription, and he recommended Costco for my new glasses. Not only were they helpful, but the cost is much less than Lenscrafters. The only thing is, they don't have the greatest selection on frames. I did find something that would work though. As time goes and i get my new glasses i will have to let everyone know what i like and dislike about the Costco glasses.

Costco looked at my old glasses, and said there had be some form of defect in the lens. Their policy would have been to take care of the problem. One thing I can say for Costco they are customer friendly.