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Face In Hole

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I recently stumble in an amusing website where you can create your own photo scenario by inserting your face into your choice of character, whether it is a famous celebrity, a well-known art, a fictional character, musical legends, sports icon, favorite cartoon or be a cover of your favorite magazine. It has a wide array of categories you could choose from: Art, Advertising, Books and Magazines, Costumes, Film and TV, Music, People and Celebrities, Sports and Kids. It's very easy to use, even if you're not a computer savvy. All you had to do is choose your desired "scenario" and upload your picture. You must choose a picture that suits best to the "hole". After your image has been loaded, you could adjust the picture as desired. There are also available tools that can help you enhance your image more. You could flip/rotate your picture and adjust its brightness, contrast, saturation and hue as you wish until you reach your desired look. If you are a Facebook member, you could easily upload your picture directly to your account by logging in your account details or just save it in your personal computer.

When I first visited the site, (www.faceinhole.com) I was amused by the different pictures they offer. I started uploading my own and some pictures of my loved ones and friends, and laughing whenever it turns out weird or funny looking. I was amazed at what technology has to offer. Just by simple clicking and uploading, you could do different things. This is one way to cheer up your friends and family members. You could print these pictures and can be used as a gift. I'm sure the receiver will appreciate it especially if you put your personal touch on it. I love this site, hilarious, funny, easy to use and lots of creativity. It is perfect for everyone who wants to have their photos with certain famous people or be their fantasy character for a day. Check it out and create your own face in a hole.