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I remember hearing about Facebook all the time in middle school: in the hallways, on the bus, in the cafeteria. It was everywhere, and everyone seemed to being using it. I decided to give it a try, and found it incredibly boring, so I decided to quit. Once I entered high school, even more people seemed to be using it, if it was possible. Student council had a page with all their updates, the debate team posted practice meets on their walls, etc. It was kind of hard to keep up with it all without Facebook. So, I decided to rejoin, and this time, tried it for a little longer. I found that I liked it: it was so much easier than calling people or texting them. So, I kept at it, and in a few months...well, I was addicted.

Facebook isn't exactly something you continuously stay on for long hours. You kind of leave it on your computer, so you can access it anytime you want. Which is a problem. Every few minutes of working on my homework, I would minimize the Microsoft Word and get back on Facebook again, to see if any more of my friends were on. After a few more minutes of homework, I went back on, and this process continued, so in an hour, I didn't get much done. It got so bad, that when I had to study for my HUGE history final, which I heard was incredibly difficult, I was on Facebook the whole time, and every time my dad came to check on me, I immediately exited out.

Facebook is very fun, and great for socialization, but it is incredibly addicting, and can be a problem for many students in America. There should be more socialization off the computer, as that is the best form of communication.