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Family Feud Or Sexual Harassment

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I like to watch gameshows. Everyday, while we eat our lunch, we watch the game shows that are being aired in two channels. We like the excitement, we cheer for the contestants, and for me, I get really happy when someone wins. That means that person will have some extra money for himself and his family.

Recently in the realm of Philippine TV, we see the influx of franchising. And that includes TV shows, soap operas, and yeah, game shows. We still do have our own original game shows, but it seems networks are getting more fascinated with shows that have already worked abroad, especially in the United States.

One such show that was brought to the Philippines is the Family Feud. At first, I am not sure for how many seasons, it was hosted by actor Richard Gomez. He was once considered the hunk of Philippine showbiz, but hey, he is already in his 40s and not too many people think that he is still hot.

But anyway, going back to the show. The show is okay, after all, it is just patterned after an existing and working show. The hosting skills of Mr. Gomez is also okay. But what I don't like about it is that all throughout the show, Mr. Gomez is hugging, draping his arms, or kissing the female contestants, whether they are single or married.

I am not sure if this is part of the script and that the contestants were already briefed about this, but for me, this is harassment. In the workplace, if this happens, a guy is sued. But just because he is an actor, he gets the right to do that? For me, that is not proper. He is still a man, he just happens to be an actor.

I would not like to let my child watch that show and think that such public display of affection, albeit the absence of real care, is proper, just because the guy is a famous celebrity. How many marriages, of celebrities and common people, have already been broken because of these innocent flirtatious acts? Fan is obssessed and finally finds the chance to meet her idol. Then without warning, a relationship starts. Or even just a one-night stand. The fan gets pregnant and a whole issue is flooded into the entire gossip world.

Maybe this is a family show. But it is not something that teaches good moral values to the young children. Sadly, it is being aired around 6pm, when the kids are already home from school.

Because the media is careless, it is already the responsibility of parents to watch out for the welfare of their children by filtering what they watch on TV.