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Fancy A Brazilian? Nescafe Coffee Is Very Good (Nestles)

Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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Nescafe instant

I have always been a fan of Nescafe, the coffee made by Nestles. It just seems right for me, with no bitter aftertaste. Coffee is a very personal thing, what suits one person may taste horrible to another. The taste is also affected by the other additions, sugar and milk have a great effect on the palate. Even the type of water will make drinks taste better, or worse of course!

I usually buy my Nescafe in 300g clear glass jars, these are also available in 200 and 100g jars. There is a small size too, holding 50g, which is useful for traveling. All the jars are fitted with a nice tight fitting screw-top, and being clear glass, it is easy to see how full the jar is.

The jars have labels, with all the usual amount of information. I will not go into this, it can be read on the label and is not that interesting. I will also point out that Nescafe is available in tins, these are aimed at the catering trade. There is a top-up "refill pack" coming on sale, holding 150g, this is a good idea, because it uses less packaging, plus less energy to transport.

Once you remove the screw-top, you will see a foil seal, this is very good for keeping the contents fresh. You car peel this off completely, or if you intend pouring it into another container, just poke a hole in this seal. However you break the seal, you will be met with the most lovely aroma, this is the smell of the fresh coffee beans used in the recipe. A blend of Arabica and Robusto beans are used apparently; all I know is that the smell is gorgeous!

To make that perfect cup of coffee, I use a fairly heaped teaspoon of Nescafe, in a half-pint mug, with one spoon of sugar (brown if I have it) and top up with hot (not boiling) water. Add cream (or milk) and stir. The coffee disolves quickly, now just sit down and enjoy it!. I will not list prices, but it is competitive, and at the moment, I get 50% extra free!

This coffee is the full flavoured and rich tasting instant coffee granules, there is a large assortment of other blends, including of course "decaff" which to my mind anyway, seems rather a waste of time, but if you like it, feel free to try it. All the products made by Nescafe are high in antioxidants. As long as you don't overdo it, coffee is not bad for you. In fact drunk black, it is fat free, contains no sugar, and contains no calories at all!

The Nescafe company has a website of course, here you can read a lot more information, read how this company is supporting fair trade, developing energy saving kettles, introducing ways to save packaging, and a very interesting story of how Nescafe started. You will also find recipes, I can recommend the Jamaican coffee one! I can also recommend this coffee to everyone, I think you deserve to have a cup ofNescafe now.