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Fast Fixes For Little Problems

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Ever been someplace where you didn't have the time to run to the store to pick up that bottle of something or new nylons? Or maybe you were stuck out in nuck nuck ville on a raodtrip or camping adventure, and the nearest town was hours away.

Has it ever occured to you to look in the most simple place for help, of all places your makeup bag?

Well, I have never thought of this. There have been times when I have been stranded somewhere with either not enough money on me to pay for the help or items needed, and I choose not to have any credit cards, i'm too good for thinking of them as 'free money' until the bill arrives in the mail, and I can't even remember what it was I charged to the card! So I chose not to have them. I always think I should keep one just incase of an emergancy, but in reality I would just have it maxed out on things I don't even need and so what good would it be to me then? I buy the loadable card from 7-11 when I want to shop online.

I was in the middle of nowhere camping in the boonies with a few friends last summer, we stayed longer than expected, we had so much fun. Unfortunately we did not have access to anything, the closest town was a two hour drive or so, so we had to make do with what we had, at least we made sure we brought alot of food, but not enough clothes or laundry detergent, that sort of thing. But then again, who really thinks to bring along a box of laundry soap when they go camping?

I felt like I was one of the cast members of Survivor those couple of weeks, but I had a wonderful time, and hope to do it again this summer! I really needed to wash my clothes, they were getting very dirty from being in the wilderness, and all the mud. The little cabin in the middle of the Blare Witch style woods had water, and an old fashioned washing tub, so I filled it up with water and found a bar of Lever 2000 bar soap for the body my boyfriend uses, and started washing our clothes with it. I just simply ran the bar over the arm pit areas inside the sleeves as well as the rest of the fabric, I washed the clothes the way you would with a washboard, but I rubbed the fabric together to get all the dirt out, then rinsed and squeezed the excess water out, then threw in the bathtub with hot water to soak and get rid of the remainder of soap. I then swished the clothing around and squeezed out the water, and hung them up to dry. The clothes came really clean, even the childrens mud and grass stained clothes! The clothes also smelled really nice, like the Lever 2000 soap!

Each and everyone of us on that two week living the simple life vacation as we dubbed it, wore Avon's Skin so Soft Original bath oil as mosquito and bug repellent, yes it kept the pests away, chemical free and we all smelled nice!

Here are a few other tips for little problems you can fix with the contents of your makeup bag:

A run in your nylons? Many women already know this one, keep a bottle of CLEAR nailpolish in your bag if you wear pantyhose. Just apply to the run on both sides. You can also use the clear nailpolish to coat the backs of errings if they irritate your ears, and use like a glue to stick little rhinestons that have fallen off of your dress, top, bag or barrettes for temporary holding until you can get home to glue them back on. I actually carry a small tube of Gorilla glue or regular crazy glue in my makeup bag to glue broken heels back onto my pumps.

You can also use hairspray to remove pen markings from clothing if you accidently have a little mark or spot from your pen, not sure if this would work if pen explodes on you or in your pocket, I doubt it would. Just a warning though, don't use this unless you know for sure the fabric is colour fast, and that it is not a delicate fabric.

Scuffs on shoes, get out your eyeliner that is the same color of the shoe and color over, check out Wet n Wild or NYC brands, dont spend a fortune just to use on your shoes, these brands have a good selection of colors and are about $1-$2.

Qtips are good for almost anything, I like them for middle of the day foundation touch ups under my eyes when the makeup slides down under my eyes and into the creases, just dab a tiny amount of concealor, or powder or your foundation and remove while adding cover.

For static hair rub very lightly some fabric softener over the shaft of hair, not too hard you dont want a gross film on your hair. Keep a sheet in your purse for fresh smelling bag, also spray some perfume on cotton balls at cosmetic counters and throw in your purse to keep it fresh, it is also a great way to test the fragrance and see how you like it!