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Filipinos And The Videoke Machine

By ladychai on
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Video Karaoke Bars are sprouting like mushrooms here in the Philippines to the point that other countries, whenever one will know if you are a Filipino they would then say "Oh! So you love Karaoke."I guess Filipinos are just fun loving individuals and one way of sharing that fun is through singing. No matter if you are out of tune, if you would just sing your heart out, it is okay. Although this was original thought of by a Japanese, in the end, Karaoke was awarded as a Filipino right and ultimately part of Filipino culture.

What actually happen during Karaoke or Videoke sessions is that people bond with friends, office mates or even mere acquaintances. It is the Filipino way let promoting camaraderie.

Music lets out our emotions so rather than feeling awkward telling your problems you let out your frustrations in life through singing. It is like a therapy, what you cannot express through regular words you can express through singing.

Everytime there is a company activity, it is always noted that my colleagues would look for a place that has a Videoke machine. It is rather amazing what a mere Php5 a song can do. Others who does not have a nerve to lend their voices enjoy listening as fellow officemates would try to outscore each other.

Although it is a known fact that Philippines is a third world country, nevertheless the people living in this country are most of the time, happy. Happiness is not acquired through the riches the country possess, happiness is within the souls of those living in that country. This happiness oftentimes is depicted through merriment and through festive moods and how festive can enjoying an entire songbook with your friends and family?

Whether the setting would be a beach, a regular bar, or even the grandest KTV in town, were there is booze for sure Videoke will be there as well and it will contonue to be there as long as there are peoplewho enjoy singing.