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Financial Distress: Get Out!

jess_abm By jess_abm on
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In today's economic times, financial management has become a burden to low, middle, and some upper class families throughout the United States. Marriage couples getting divorced or separation, undergrads/post-grads struggling with student loan debt, person (s) purchasing "high-end" merchandises to keep up with a "lifestyle" and etc are all backing themselves against the wall asking, "Why?". My question is: Why aren't we as a nation and civil citizens aren't taking control over our finances? With the financial management tools provided online, brick and mortar banks, and also, in college financial studies, some of us didn't put much thoughts into taking these tools in front of us and use it to a greater lifetime (whether it be short/long-term*) advantage. Yes, the current market is moving pretty slow for job employment, but why couldn't we take all that money that we spent on high-priced clothing, entertainment, dining out, events, and etc. to build our own financial empire? When are we going to take control over our finances and manage it to our debt to ratio income? If we save more; we'll probably smile more.

The moral of this article is to get everyone's feedback on how to become more financially stable. What can one do to cut expenses? Why spend money at the gym when you can buy a home gym? Perhaps, go for a walk/jog? Why spend money daily dining out when you can practice making yourself and a close companion a delightful dish?

My point is: We need to grow along with our community. Have a positive thought and try to make a financial change not only for yourself, but for your family. By doing our part in our society, we can help rebuild our country's financial distress. Yes, some may have abused us financially, but at the end of the day, it's the final choice that we made.

Any thoughts?