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Financial Literacy In Women

mrsspy By mrsspy on
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Financial literacy in women is important not only because women are considered the manager of the household but also because women and men must work together and help each other for the financial stability of the family.

I was listening to the news report this morning and learned that a huge percentage (42% according to recent study) of Australian women are not interested in finances as they found it boring and stressful. If dealing with financial matters is considered boring and stressful by women, then, motivating them to learn and improve on this aspect of planning will be difficult.

Literacy in women about financial matters can be improved by educating them on how to deal with it and what are the advantages of being a hands-on person in this area. Apparently, one of the reasons why they are women who are out of control when it comes to spending and using their credit cards is that they want it to be enjoyable, fun and be the source of fulfillment. Ironically, having this attitude will deliver a pile of financial issues in their lives which in turn will cause more stress and problems at the end of it all.

Women must put in mind that being financially stable, responsible, and setting a goal in their finances and saving regularly are the only way to live life stress-free when it comes to this aspect. Financial planning is of utmost important, and therefore, they must be willing to learn and improve themselves in this matter.

Financial planning does not necessarily mean consulting a financial planner (and paying their fee) which I don't really rely on personally. Learning how to balance your finances as to expenses, managing your income and regular household bills, saving a bit every month will make a big difference in the person's financial situation. Reading books and magazines on helpful financial tactics, or even talking and discussing with friends and family members about finances will provide a lot of insights on how to be more financially organized and stable.