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Finding A Good Writing School

Kimber Watson By Kimber Watson on
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After a year-long search for a on-line school where I will be able to obtain a BA in journalism, creative writing and screenplays. Most of the schools that I spoke to did not have all the programs I needed to reach my goal. Some of the courses I need like creative writing and screenplays were not offered at other schools so when I received a call from Ashford University, I was very excited because they offered creative writing, screenplay writing and mass communications which was exactly what I was looking for. I am in my third semester and doing well and learning so very much it is great.

One of the reasons I chose Ashford was because I am disabled and it is hard for me to get around so being able to go to school on-line has worked out well for me since I am bed ridden most of the time. They have a great disability department that helps people like me have access to more help; they will even let my Professors know if I need an extra day or two to complete my assignments, which is great and very helpful. When you have multiple disabilities, they make sure that when I have days where I am too ill to go to class I have three x-tra days to do all the work. The disability department is there if you have questions or more. As I said the biggest thing is they extend the days your papers are do.

So far, I have been very impressed with the classes; the Professors are great and work with you on everything. Anyone wanting to get information on the University please let me know, if you are as serous about writing as I am this is the School for you. You will have more knowledge to write anything you want at the finish.

If you have earlier college experience they will give your earned credits, if you have not they will start you with your basic classes. For me the only issue I have is that I had earlier college credits from my paralegal, unfortunately they could not transfer them. I have a certificate of Paralegal however the school closed down and they will charge me to find out if I have enough credits so I decided to just take all the courses and I have three years left.

Upon finishing my classes I will have a BA in journalism, liberal arts, mass communication and screenplay writing it will be so great. It does not matter how old you are furthering your education is great. I like being able to go to school on-line because it is so easy and you only have to go two or three days a week or more if you need too. Most of the course books are on-line so if you have a Kindel or other device you can down load your books it is so wonderful. The school also has a great on-line library where you can find so many interesting topics to write about.

I have learned the new APA six writing methods and I am getting ready to write my first thesis and I am really excited about that as well. All and all this has been an excellent adventure for me. It is amazing what we are able to do with technology today, with your books on-line you just click the mouse and save the information you need with your mouse.

I am from the old school of note taking by hand and books ten sizes bigger than you, with the class .having everything on-line you only have to copy and paste or highlight something that is important. I take notes still because it help me to understand I get confused very easily these days.

So if you really want to write I think Ashford University is the best on-line school. You may reach them at: www.ashforduniversity.com