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Finding The Right Career Path

By chelsit on
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It took me until the age of twenty six to figure what kind of career I wanted to get into. Up until that point I had I had been a real estate agent, a travel agent and many many more. I went to clooege on three different occassions to pursue three different career paths and I was still left undecided.

Many people go through life and never really find their perfect career path in life or their "true calling", but the ones that do find themselves in a career of their choosing and are able to wake up everyday and go to a job that they love and enjoy doing, but for those that have no idea what they are good at or what career would be best suited for them. These people are left in career limbo or they will get stuck doing menial and low income jobs becasue they are waiting to choose their right career path so that they can go to college and study for their chosen career path. And then there are people like me who are good at multiple things but cannot pick only one so we do them all until the day we realize that passion accounts for everything, because if you are not passionate about something that you get up and do day in day out you will never grow to resent your job or your life.

So when we are looking for our chosen career path in life my advise is to choose passion and happiness over well paid and the norm because, not because everyone in your family is a doctor does not necessarily mean you have to follow that career path, or if everyone went to college does not mean that is the path for everyone. I have known friends and family memebrs that were never good at school and now they are successful hardworking people.

So the best way to choose the right career path is just to folllow your heart and and dont let anyone tell you that when you want is out of reach.