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Folgers Black Silk Coffee K Cups Not Worth The Money

Jennifer Walker By Jennifer Walker on
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Storage suggestion for Folgers Black Silk k-cups

Ever since I bought a Keurig Mini Plus coffee brewing system, I have enjoyed making different coffees in it. However, very few local stores carry the K-cups the system uses. I have to go across town to get the best selection, so I was happy to find a few of them at a Bel Air Supermarket. I was less than thrilled when I saw they only had Folgers, because I have never really enjoyed that brand of coffee, but the Keurig brewing system is so good that I thought I would give it a try. I purchased the Black Silk K-cup from Folgers' "Gourmet Selections" line.

The box promised the coffee was bold, but smooth--a dark roast. Other dark roast coffees I've had in this system were very good, and I hoped this would be the same. However, I found it to have the same dimensionless, slightly burned, chemical-tasting flavor as every other cup of Folgers I've ever had. Their coffee lacks depth of flavor and that rich aroma of actual gourmet coffee. Folgers' "Gourmet Selections" appears to refer to their line of coffees with fancy names. The other flavors offered at Bel Air in the k-cups were Lively Columbian (regular and decaf) and French Vanilla.

What I found most offensive about this coffee was the price. It was $7.99 for 12 servings. I was in a hurry and bought it without doing the math, but it comes out to $.67 per cup, which is higher than any other coffee made for the Keurig that I've bought--most are around $.58 per cup for much better coffee.

Coffee for the Keurig Brewing System comes in "K-cups", which are single servings in sealed plastic cups. To make coffee in the Keurig Mini Plus, turn it on, pour water into the reservoir, lift the handle on the front and place a K-cup inside, then push the handle down again. Push the brew button, and the coffee will be ready in under two minutes. Click here to read my review of the Keurig Mini Plus Brewing System.

Although it was convenient to find the Folgers Black Silk K-cup at the grocery store, the horrible flavor and exorbitant price will prevent me from buying it again.