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Forget Ice Cream, And Make Room For Low Fat Frozen Yogurt!

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Well ever since I started trying out Frozen Yogurt at the mini Froyo(frozen yogurt) franchises in my area I've pretty much stop eating ice cream. It was first started in New England in the 1970s as a soft serve dessert by H. P. Hood under the name Frogurt, many people at that time didn't enjoy the tart flavor. But now it's a wonderful alternative for people trying out low fatty foods and people who wish to watch out for those high calorie foods. The ingredients it usually contains : usually consists of milk solids, milk fat, yogurt culture, sweetener, gelatin, corn syrup, coloring, and flavoring. Going to all the Frozen yogurt spots around the area I live, the price ranges from $0.20-50 a oz. Great for the economy! Well I'm going to name one of the best Frozen Yogurt Places you've tried if you haven't visited before. Based on my experience I say Frozen Yogurt at "Yogurt-Land" is the best! The customer service is always friendly and also if you haven't been there or at a local Froyo spot before. They will always give you sample cups before buying something. I've sampled quite a lot before actually choosing and my favorite flavors are their classic chocolate, mango, taro, tirumisu, Red Velvet Cake Batter(only at yogurtland). I'm not fond of tart flavors of any kind so I skip out on that. However if your a tart lover, go for it! People always love that stuff. :P They have so many flavors to choose from, you might not go to the same yogurtland as I go to but each franchise they have, should have around ten flavors or more and they usually update on flavors by removing one of the old ones and adding a new one in. Yogurt-land has the best frozen yogurt because 1. its not to sweet, just right for the taste buds. 2. not expensive at all. 3. customer service the best 4. a great way to eat a ton of desert but not gain a whole ton of weight. 5. great hang out place for teens, adults, couples, you name it! + you get to add your own toppings of your choice, and the lines aren't that long unless you're coming on the weekends. Check out your nearest location to you now! If Yogurt-land, blush, pinkberry aren't near you; you coudl try typing frozen yogurt spots near your location and you'll probably find something. I'm pretty sure every froyo place will tase just as good but never as good as these three loactions:D Try www.yelp.com if your trying to find a froyo place, plus they write reviews about whats good and which place is the best near you,

below are some froyo places I like the best:

organic froyo! Super friendly staff + Organic + Fresh Fruit + Clean + Yogurt doesn't melt quickly


http://yogurt-land.com/ (click on locations)bl


(basic flavors that appear at every froyo i go to) :Tutti Frutti, Pinkberry, Red Mango, Blush, and Yogen Fruz