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Forget Love I'd Rather Fall In Chocolate!!!

Mimpi Gh By Mimpi Gh on
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Yesterday, I came home early, as my sister and her kids, had come down from Dubai. I thought I would catch up with them, little realizing that they would be napping off the jet lag. I wound up the office work ahead of time and I signed off a bit earlier than usual. It was drizzling enroute, and I was hoping to get back home to a nice warm cup of cappuccino and fun with the kids. However, I started to feel little sluggish because of the cold that I caught a few days back. Two full courses of antibiotics and I am still recovering!

By the time I reached home, it had gotten dark and drizzly and it was not even five pm. The kids were fast asleep. The weather was cool and soothing and for the first time in their visit, they did not require the air conditioning. I sat down on the couch, semi drowsy with my forehead and temples throbbing badly. I wasn’t really hungry, but my mom kept insisting that I eat something, while blaming my headache on my recent apathy to food. I didn’t argue, but I knew that it wasn’t the hunger - I had a good meal in the afternoon. I was feeling kind of down for no specific reason. I guess, it was something to do with the weather. I started to droop into thoughts that I knew I should avoid. Before these could get the better me, I consciously shed it, got up and reached for the fridge.

It held hordes of chocolates - of all sorts and varieties, color and texture, which I had refrained from for a week. But I could not resist anymore, I just broke free, and letting go of my dietary pledge, grabbed one full chocolate and bit on it. It melted inside my mouth. My mouth was soon full of the wonderous taste and sensation of the chocolate cream, after which I felt the crunchiness of the hazel nuts. They were freshly roasted. It was delicious. I bit another square and it tasted even better. My nagging headache vanished and I was animated in no time. Soon, I was left with the last cube. I was so engrossed in the chocolate, that I didn’t even notice that my niece was eyeing the last cube as she lay half asleep on the bed, just a few feet away. I thought it would be mean not to share it with her. I stretched out my hand, holding the last left over tiny piece. She leaped out of the bed, snatched it and gave me a tight hug.

It was the energy bar that both of us needed. I wonder what life would have been without chocolates!