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Free Blogger Templates At Deluxe Templates

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I have blogged for more than two years now. Blogger is where I created my first personal blog with a general theme. I could not decide on a particular focus so I decided to make it a diverse blog full of personal inputs, current events, and more. But just like most bloggers on the internet I do not understand fully CSS, HTML codes and other computer terms needed to personalize my blog. Although there are customized templates being offered by Blogger, I have seen many templates that really entice me to search and study how I could upload them as my blog template.

Deluxe Templates is one place on the web that I find very helpful to me when it comes to website templates. The author offers different kinds of templates and also has 3 columns, 2 columns and 1 column template options. I'm sure bloggers searching for a template to match the theme of their blog will find one here among his vast selection of templates. Templates for personal, cooking, art, kids, travel and entertainment blogs can be found here.

Aside from the vast selection of FREE BLOGGER TEMPLATES here, the website author is very kind and accommodating to answer the queries of his visitors. The author, Klodian, is really responsive on any query about his many templates he personally created. Not all bloggers understand how to upload a certain template and sometimes there are errors in uploading it. To see how beautiful his templates are just click the links below:


Painted Life

Be A Gourmet

I am really thankful to Klodian for having these wonderful templates that I am using now for my 3 new blogs. Now there is a place where Blogger users can avail themselves of free wonderfully created templates, readily available for use. Aside from sharing his talent as a website developer, I am really thankful to Klodian for being so patient and taking time to answer my queries.

The internet is more than a place of information but sharing and goodwill as well, and thanks to that, I am now enjoying the templates of my new blogs.