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Freelance Work

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Since 2002, I had been working freelance. So it has been 8 years that I have not been employed by a single company. After 7 years of being employed, I resigned and never went back to working anymore. And I am happy that I did, too.

You may probably call me a jack of all trades. Although my expertise really lie in advertising, as I worked in an advertising agency before, I also have experience in publishing, marketing, and production of special events. I can also write scripts and dub for TV commercials. I also get to host special occasions. So, whatever my clients don't want to do, they let me do it and pay me for a fee.

There are many advantages in working freelance. For one, my time is flexible. I can stay up late for as long as I want and wake up as last as I want as well. I can get day offs in the middle of the week. And, as I am a stay at home mom now to a year-old baby, I get to personally take care of my baby. The money is better, too, than when I was working. At the same time, I am not pressured to buy clothes regularly and spend for transportation to get to and from work. I just stay inside my room and work in front of my computer.

But of course, there are also downsides. Like the income is not predictable. I am just thankful though that until now, I get jobs big and small every month that I don't have zero-income months. Just low-income. But it is okay, because these also get compensated when I get a big project. And sometimes, my clients just feel free to call me either early in the morning or late at night when I am already asleep.

Not too many people like this set up though. But I guess for me, for my personality, working freelance just fits me perfectly.