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Fresh Express Caesar Supreme Salad Kit Is Great

Jennifer Walker By Jennifer Walker on
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Half a bag of Caesar Supreme salad, prepared

I often buy bagged salad kits from the grocery store, because you can get interesting combinations of lettuces and toppings without having to buy a lot of different ingredients. They are also easy and convenient, because all you have to do is pour everything from the package into a bowl, toss it, and serve. Fresh Express makes several varieties of salad kits, including Chicken Taco and Strawberry Fields, but one of my favorites is the Caesar Supreme.

The Fresh Express Caesar Supreme salad kit includes creamy Caesar dressing, Italian artisan cheeses, savory garlic croutons, and the classic romaine lettuce. The lettuce is pre-washed and ready to eat. The product is guaranteed to be fresh, and the company invites dissatisfied consumers to contact them about it.

One 8 ounce package sells for $3.49 at Bel Air Supermarkets, but these salad kits are available at many grocery stores. One package contains three 100 gram servings, each of which has 140 calories, 12 grams of fat, 430 milligrams of sodium, 6 grams of carbohydrates, 110% of your daily supply of vitamin A and 25% of your vitamin C.

While one-third of the package is a decent, but small, serving size, my husband and I generally split the bag between us. This means there are actually 210 calories, 18 grams of fat and 645 milligrams of sodium. Salad may seem like a healthy meal item, but Caesar salad, including this one, is not very diet friendly.

The Fresh Express Caesar Supreme salad kit is very tasty, with lettuce that is crisp and fresh, dressing with just the right amount of zing, tangy cheese and crunchy, zesty croutons. While I would personally like to have more croutons, overall the balance between lettuce, dressing and toppings is good.

Fresh Express Caesar Supreme salad kit is a tasty and convenient way to get some vegetables into your diet.