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Fun Getaway Ideas For Any City

Jennifer Walker By Jennifer Walker on
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Get out into nature

Vacations are important for mental health and family unity, but with the rising unemployment rate and price of gas, many families have to cut back on luxuries like vacations. However, there are some options to get the same rest, relaxation, and family fun right in your own town. Whether you want to get away for a night or a week., here are some places where you can maximize your vacation budget by staying in town.

Stay in a Bed & Breakfast

These are usually ideal for just the two of you to get away from the ringing phone and the annoying neighbors. Pack a few things and move across town to a quaint little bed & breakfast for a charming stay. While you're there, make a point of leaving the computers and cell phones off and just enjoy each other's company. You can even be tourists and visit the sites in your own town you never bothered to see before.

Go Camping

You don't have to go far to go camping. Most towns have some kind of park or campground nearby, and you can pack up the whole family for a fun vacation that starts just a few minutes after you leave your house! If you know someone with property, you might even be able to camp out for free, but there are many campgrounds around that are low cost. Spend a few days teaching the kids about nature, enjoying the quiet, and playing outside.

Hit the Spa for a One-day Getaway

If you can only get away for the day, spending a few hours at a spa can feel like a vacation. Watch your local magazines, newspapers, and websites like Groupon.com for specials, line up several hours' worth of treatments, and allow yourself to be pampered for the day. No one can bother you when you have your feet in a bubbling spa and cucumbers on your eyes! You can even get your hair and makeup done and finish the day with a relaxing dinner with your spouse or girlfriends.

Vacation at a local Resort

Most towns have some kind of resort, whether it's a lake, a river, or a country club. Many are public parks that require little, if any, entry fee. Pick some place a little special and make a day of it (or stay overnight if that's an option), and treat yourselves to lunch or pack a picnic. Just make sure you really go all out so it feels like a vacation and not just another day at the lake!

Whether your free time is limited or copious, you can find many places right in your own home town to take any length of vacation you desire.