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Games That Are Addictive

Kimber Watson By Kimber Watson on
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I sometimes play games on the computer to relax I would mostly play Slingo or something that has bingo. I had some friends that talked me into signing up for Face Book, at first I would just talk to my friends when they where on. One day I was bored out of my mind, I saw this game called Yo Ville so I thought I would try it out with in half an hour of playing the game I had it down so I started teaching all my friends.

Then I started to meet many great people from all over the world, I had to tell all my friends about it and we all would go there and visit. We liked that you could lock your door so you could have a private conversation.

The game is addictive if you ask me, I love meeting new people but my favorite part is that you get to decorate houses and it so much fun I have about six houses if not more and each of them is different and fun to decorate and re-decorate.

The biggest problem is I get so involved in the game and I end up staying up late decorating or talking to friends or when I go on my face book I have an endless amount of free gifts to open and respond too.

Of all the on-line games I have played this is my favorite it also can cost money at times when you run out of coins in the game it is very tempting to purchase Yo cash. This is how I have bought many of my houses and decorated them.

The game is by zyngia, they have many more games to play as well, and most of them are just as fun as well.