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Get A Haircut To Clean Up Gulf Oil Spill

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Is it time for you to get a haircut? Did you know that by donating the clippings you can help with the oil spill clean up efforts on the Gulf Coast?

Last night while watching the local news I heard a fascinating story of organizations who are looking for donations of both human and dog hair to use in the clean up of the oil spill in the Gulf. Hair is by nature very absorbent and that's why we can do things like color and condition it so easily. Because of it's absorbent nature, hair makes an excellent sponge so to speak for soaking up oil. The best parts about it are that it's readily available, non toxic and free. Not only is it being used for an excellent purpose but it's a great way to recycle too.

The system works by taking the hair and stuffing it into pantyhose. This creates a spongy tube which is called a boom. The booms are placed along the shoreline and inareas like marshes where they catch the oil as it comes on shore. According the the San Francisco non profit environmental group Matter of Trust who has been using this method since 1998, one pound of hair is capable of soaking up a quart of oil in about an hour.

Matter of Trust and Sunshine and Shores are 2 groups that I am currently aware of that are looking for individuals, groups, salons and dog groomers to donate hair clipping for them but there are probably more out there. These organizations already have people in place on the Gulf Coast who are currently packing booms with donations they already have.

Unlike organizations like Locks of Love who need a minimum of 10 inches of hair for donations, any size clippings can be used to make the booms. My suggestion is if you have 10 or more inches to donate, please send that to Locks of Love and anything else, send to these organizations.

For more information on how you can help check out the information listed on Matter of Trust or Sunshine and Shores web sites. here is also a link to a You Tube videoon exactly how it works.