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Get Organized With Help From A Dollar Store

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There are businesses that are dedicated to the art of organizing homes and offices and they carry many products and tools to make sure the results are perfect. But, what if you don't want to go that route or you would like to but you just don't have the money at the moment? They say that necessity is the Mother of Invention and there is no better way to invent new ways to use everyday items than by taking a trip to a local Dollar store and putting your imagination in gear!

These stores go by many names, Dollarama, A buck or two, Dollar King, etc. The type of products each carries will vary from store to store and from region to region. Often, the products that are available one month might not be available the next so when you find a product you really like, it's better to pick up too many, than not enough. If you have to return to the store, you might be disappointed to learn that the product you need is no longer in stock and may never be again.

The following are some ways Dollarama store products have helped us organize our new home. Perhaps you'll find an idea or two below that helps you solve an issue or helps to enhance a room in your home.


**Woven pencil holders with 3 or 4 divided areas are great for storing cotton balls, q-tips, combs, hair clips/ties, make up brushes, shavers, etc.

**Steel racks - these are often found in the dishware aisle used to place cups or plates in a group above each other. These are also great for stacking rolled up hand towels below and rolled up face cloths above. Tie each bundle with gossamer ribbon and you have a great "spa" look.

**Steel or plastic Kleenex box covers - these can work great to keep your bath puffs tucked neatly away. Simply attach it to the shower wall (tile preferably) with two-way tape or Velcro and put bath puffs through the opening (you need the large opening type). Remove once a week to rinse and use Tilex or another shower spray after every shower to keep it clean.


**Large divided envelope holders (these look similar to pencil holders only wider) are great to keep your sponges, liquid dish soap and hand sanitizer neat and orderly and they look great sitting on your counter.

**Sponge like foam (similar to the non-skid padding you can often find to put underneath rugs.) These often come in packages of 1 or 2 pieces measuring about 12"x12". They are designed for inserting into your fridge's drawers for fruits/vegetables etc. These really work great to keep your produce fresher longer! You can also put these in the bottom of a plastic or steel bin and store potatoes neatly beneath a counter or in the pantry. You always know, just by glancing, when your potatoes are getting low as well.

**Plastic bins/boxes - these work great to organize and keep your cleaning supplies in order. Using one of these bins for your main bath and in the kitchen ensures that you are always ready to clean up. You will also know at a glance whether you need to replace a particular product. You want a size that fits nicely beneath your sink areas or store away neatly.

Garage/Front Closet

**Don't forget to grab some hooks that are designed to hold and organize your brooms, mops, dusters, etc. These often come in packages of two and have little wheels that are meant to hold the handle of a broom/mop, etc., in place and the entire hook quickly screws into the wall. You can put these on the walls inside your closet to easily organize and keep brooms and such off the floor and out-of-the-way. If your garage is easily accessible you can also place these items on a wall near the door so they are easy to reach but out-of-the-way. I love these!

**Shoe racks come in quite handy in the front hall closet to keep shoes off the floor and neatly arranged. These are often made of plastic although you may find some made of wood.

Laundry Room

Bins, containers, hangers and other great finds can be used to organize the laundry room to include everything from clothes pins to hanging bags designed for shoes (these can easily hold the family's socks, undies, T-shirts, etc. and each bin can be labeled with the name of the family member. Once their laundry is folded most of their lighter clothes can go into their bin/slot and be picked up by them and put away when they are ready.)

There are also lots of colorful and fun looking plastic containers that can hold things like powdered laundry detergent and other laundering products which will help to keep the laundry room in tip-top shape. Color code your laundry room by assigning specific colored containers to things like laundry power, dryer sheets, clothes pins, etc., so that you can quickly grab what you need when you need it. Have fun with this room because it's so often one of the least liked rooms in the house but we spend so much time in it. Using color, imagination and whimsical, fun ideas here will take some of the drudgery out of laundry day.

Dollar stores have some great products for very little money and if you look beyond their real uses and devise ways for some of the items to serve you in other ways, you just might find a whole new way of organizing that is not only fun but inexpensive as well.