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Get Rich Quick Scams

Fifi Qwer By Fifi Qwer on
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In the essence of time, getting rich sounds like a good idea. But to get rich quickly and without doing any hard work at all is not likely for the average Joe. Nope, too bad huh? But it seems like such a good opportunity to discuss why people still fall for these type of scams.

Well, first of all, people who are quite undereducated about the land of the internet are typically not as informed of huge pits in the websites that try to get you to jump in blindfolded. For the people who set these up, they benefit every time someone is tricked into giving out their information or pays for something that is not legitimate. For them, it's a fun and get rich quick idea. For their victims, not so fun. But the scammers need to work to scam too, so it's not that easy for them either. But we don't need to feel bad for them. No, we're against those terrible scammers. But here are some sites to look out for.

CashCrate. Okay, apparently this website lets you take surveys for money. But the surveys really want you to spend some cash before you actually earn what little points they give you. And the free ones? You must trudge through torrents of advertisements and select no to all of the (unless you want those "free" diapers) and take a "personality survey" (ex. What drink are YOU?) and then go through more ads and then say yes to at least three of them and then go through putting in all your personal information over and over again and then finally find your result (you know, from the survey) and see if you got the points. This usually takes about half an hour. In exchange, you get a couple points. For the Wii that they advertise, you need a couple thousand. Yeah...a total pain in the neck. And a complete waste of time.

ArticleIncome. Supposing, this site is a place where you can "write articles for money". Well, in order to do that, you must first sign up for an account. Afterwards, they send you a confirmation email. And then they say that your account is pending and that you must wait a couple minutes to use it. A week later, I checked in. Nothing. The feedbacks page had a thread addressing the same problem. Apparently, they have had that for years now and no one bothered to fix it. So unless you want to give out all your personal information (I didn't, I just gave them false info and a throwaway email) then you better turn elsewhere.

Swagbucks. I tried this site. It's not as bad as the other two, but it is a "earn points then exchange for prizes" kind of site. The prizes look okay, until you find out how hard it really is to earn points. Plus, my order never came in the mail though it says "vertified". So even if it is legit (which I doubt), not worth your time.