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Get Togethers Are Important

mary60 By mary60 on
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As we age, we know we are going to get that call that one of our dearest and closest friends has passed. So for the pass ten years we have a yearly gathering at someones home and catch up on all the news and things in our life. We do see each other around during the year, but life keeps us so busy that it's a friendly hello and goodby. Most of us grew up on the same street or near by, so we all know each other.

This party began with just a few couples after the death of one of my friends mother. My friend was so depressed and she needed something to cheer her up. I talked her into having it at her home (just to keep her busy) and invited only 4 couples. We all brought in food to share, and it was a nice little party to help her through this trying time. Over the next ten years the party has grown, and moves to other peoples houses in our group. As part of the party we added a theme, thats makes for enjoyment. One year we brought baby pictures-how much we still look like ourselves, another year it was to wear a certain color, another year was dressup like someone you know at the party-each had a different person, an another was to bring a dish not made in the U.S.A.(Much Mexican). The hostess is the one who suggest the theme of the party. When the party ends, we start planning for next year. My turn in 2010! Guess i have to come up with something creative- this group is so much fun, so it won't be very hard.

Time is short and our lives are so busy, that we fear one of us will not be here for the next party. With our party we can always say that we took the time to see and catch up on our lives, even though they will be dearly missed.

Update On Apr 22, 2010: I sat down with a friend and have started to plan this years get together. It's at my home this year, and we need a theme to get the party going. We talked about the food, and date. Hopefully we can all make another year, and enjoy the time we spend together. Our lives are so busy, that we need this party as a reminder of our friendship and fun times of the past.