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Get Your Children Vaccinated: Factors You Should Consider

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Is it really important to get your children vaccinated? My answer would be, yes, definitely. When I was a child, I once suffered from measles because my parents forgot to take me to the doctor to get measles vaccine. This is a dangerous disease but thank God I survived. But then I had Hepatitis A and C vaccine, and I could still remember how I would refuse to go to the doctor to get vaccinated. I guess my parents forced me and told me it was for my own good. Now I couldn't thank them enough for getting me vaccinated.

What is vaccine actually? Though I'm sure most of you have already been familiar with this term, I will try to define it here, with the hope that you will get more understanding about vaccine. Vaccine is a substance that is injected (or orally given) to our body, which functions as an antigen. This antigen will role in stimulating the forming of antibody. To boost its functions, vaccine should have an effective antigen to stimulate the immune system in the body, with the hope that the body will form antibody above the demanding level. So the basic purpose is to prevent diseases in a long term.

So, what are the factors you should consider if you want to get your chidren vaccinated? I summarize them here:

1. Understand more about the diseases that your children are going to vaccinate with. Some popular diseases are Hepatitis A, C and B, measles (rubela), polio, rabies, HPV, influenza and BCG.

2. Some vaccines are meant for a particular gender (like HPV) and age range. You have to be very careful in selecting a vaccine in accordance with your kid's age range (and gender).

3. Select the clinic that has been recommended for vaccination. Be careful as to select the right clinic because some clinics may not provide sterile tools (like syringes) or they may have even expired vaccines. I had once watched the TV news that some children died because of these expired vaccines.

4. Find a friendly doctor/nurse. Normally kids are frightened of syringes and a friendly nurse/doctor will know how to handle those frightened kids.

5. Ask the doctor the time interval; when your kids should have their next vaccination. Vaccine is usually given more than once. So scheduling the vaccination with the doctor is one important factor.

6. Ask about the post-vaccination body reactions. Some vaccines will effect to the kids' body. Prior understanding about these issues is needed, so you won't get anxious if your kids get particular symptoms after the vaccination.

Vaccines have helped medics a lot in reducing medical cases concerning children's diseases. Therefore, don't hesitate to get your children vaccinated earlier. Believe me, they will get the benefit of it.