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Getting A Hamster

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My hamster cage

Do you want to get a hamster, or your kid wants to get a hamster? Getting a hamster for your child is a great way to give your child responsibility. You or your child can gain a great relationship with your hamster. But just because hamsters are small does not mean they are easy to take care of. Hamsters need a great deal of care and love.

Here are the steps to taking care of your hamster.

1 You need to buy a secure medium-sized cage.

2 You need a nice safe quiet spot to put your hamster cage

3 You need small animal bedding which you can buy at any well-known pet store such as pet co or pets mart.

4 You need a wheel in your hamster cage, you need something for your hamster to chew on to wear down his teeth because hamsters teeth never stop growing.

5 You need food and water for your hamster.

6 You need to refill his food bowl every 2 days and you need to refill his water bottle every day.

7 You also need to love and care for you hamster constantly about 1-3 hours per night.

8 You need to clean the hamster cage every 2 weeks by replacing the old hamster bedding with new hamster bedding.

9 You should also try to get your hamster trust you by not disturbing him when he is sleeping and by not invading his privacy.

10 One last thing is to not throw your hamster around or play rough with him because he will lose trust in you.

Tips on taking care of Hamsters

Hamsters are nocturnal so don't disturb him during the day or he might bite.

Hamsters need exercise so make sure he has the things he needs to get exercise such as: hamster wheel, hamster ball, etc.

When a hamsters cheeks have food in them with food never squeeze his cheeks that can cause serious injury to the hamster.

Hamsters like to burrow so make sure you have enough bedding for him to hide under.

You should also have a hide out in your hamsters cage for him to hide in and feel safe.

In conclusion, hamsters aren't easy pets to take care of. But after a while you will get used to it and it will feel like nothing. It is also a great way to give your child responsibility and great childhood memories. Hamsters are and have been one of the best pets for small children.