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Getting A Massage Once In A While

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Although spas have been sprouting everywhere like mushrooms in our city and the young ones taking on the relaxation treats pretty seriously, there are still many people who dislike getting spa treats. Some members of my family are like that. They think that getting a massage is too luxurious and when one gets hooked, your body will demand to have it regularly. And they think it is a waste of money.

I, on the other hand, think otherwise. I have been a spa goer ever since I started getting my paycheck and I never did regret those moments. During those times when I would get a body massage (which is the usual service that I would avail at the spa) I would get out refreshed, relaxed, and brimming with ideas. It is because while my body relaxes and I am not doing anything except trying to appreciate the magical strokes of my therapist, my mind also gets to relax. With that, I get to think fresh ideas that I would need for my work. So it is like an investment for me, a qualitative investment as it cannot be quantified, I pay to feel better and hence work better. That way, I get to earn more.

Additionally, I also go to the spa when I think I am coming down with a flu. The heat of the sauna relieves the tension in my muscles and serves to force me to sweat, which I seldom do because most of the time, I am in an air-conditioned setting. After heating my body, I get a quick cold shower to close the pores and then I lie down in my comfortable massage bed while enjoying the aromatic scent around me. Then I would close my eyes and allow my therapist to knead away my tiredness. Most of the time, when it is merely exhaustion and not a severe viral infection, I get better because my body gets the rest it needed. Then I don't have to take a long leave from work just because I was sick. Still a good investment.

But of course, due to budget and time constraints, as a spa visit entails a couple of hours at lest, I do not go to the spa weekly. Sometimes, I go once a month or if not, as needed. I am fine with that. But to shut down the idea altogether because of some silly notion is I think an altogether silly notion as well. We all need to rest and relax from time to time. And if the spa suits you, then so be it.